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"Terms of the Hortetdelbaix.com
Terms of purchase and acceptance
These general conditions of purchase (hereinafter "General Purchasing Conditions") govern the purchase, through the website, www.hortetdelbaix.com, by customer / ace Fructusweb Group Ltd., regarding the products offered in the website.
The data identifying the company responsible for the site are listed below:
Group Fructusweb SL,
NIF: B65260275
Avinguda Segle XXI, 52
08840 Viladecans
(Barcelona)Telephone: 93.637.68.89

To purchase through the website the customer must register as a portal user hortetdelbaix.com and accept the Terms of trade. This acceptance means the explicit, fully and without reservation all the general conditions of purchase in the version published by Fructusweb Group SL, at the time of client access to the store.
Officers Claim Sheets will be available to customers at the headquarters of the company or by a communication to customer service department via e-mail with the subject atencioalclient@hortetdelbaix.com "complaint forms".
Virtual nature of the request

The products are intended for end users, in the sense established by Decree 1/2007 to develop the revised text of Law 26/1984 of July 19, general for consumer protection and users, and for own consumption Customer or persons on behalf of which the customer must be legally authorized to act. Therefore excluded from the service supermarket wholesalers, distributors, purchasing centers, superstores, other professional intermediaries food sector and related sectors and consumers domiciled outside the scope of activities Fructusweb Group SL, without express permission and knowledge of the direction of Fructusweb Group SL.
Under the previous text, is completely prohibited the resale of products purchased through the website. The customer must declare to be of age and have the legal capacity to be bound by these general conditions of purchase contract with Fructusweb Group SL and must agree, expressly and without exception, that access to the purchase and use they are responsible. Fructusweb Group SL reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time without prior notice, the presentation and layout of the website and to suspend access temporarily or permanently.

Virtual operating orders

Register on the website

If the client first accesses the web page and want to buy, fill out the registration form which can be accessed from the user section. From this point you will be client and also accredited as a portal user hortetdelbaix.com, so you can access all other services offered and without filling out additional forms. Hortetdelbaix.com By registering, you will receive via e-mail, access data (e-mail address and password) that will allow you to make purchases through the website. The data are personal and nontransferable, and it is the obligation of the customer to be careful. In addition, the customer is solely responsible for the loss, theft or unauthorized use of your password and the consequences that may arise.
The site also offers a section 'USER', where customers can edit your information. Through this, the client may also request a new password.
At any time, customers can access your data, edit or delete them by sending an email using the address in 'esborra@hortetdelbaix.com' indicating in the subject line the word 'LOW'.

Assortment and price application Grup Fructusweb sl

Fructusweb Group Ltd., offers a varied assortment of agricultural and related thereto. From your computer, the client may purchase these products without having to go if you want.
Fructusweb SL Group, guarantees the price of the day it was purchased, regardless of the day that delivery is made, so that the customer can take advantage of all the offers available at the time of placing orders, notwithstanding that, at the time of delivery, these offers may not be current. A hortetdelbaix.com we guarantee that the final purchase price will be the price to be paid at the end (by cash or card to deliver in person) or before receiving the order (payable on-lin through the secure portal of "Caixabank".
No other would have to pay for products requiring counting by weight. The price of the web is the final price.

The shop prices include value added tax (VAT) and delivery charges, if not stated otherwise. In this case the cost will be for delivery to home, through urgent transport agency and the cost is 9 € per order in any region of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and in the Iberian Peninsula.
Similarly, Group Fructusweb SL informs that the image of the products appearing in the store can vary from that of the products finally delivered.
Fructusweb Group SL reserves the right to unilaterally modify, in any case and without notice, prices of products and to suspend or cancel the sale temporarily or permanently.
The validity of tenders shall be considered to be established in the same web www.hortetdelbaix.com

Delivery and return of orders

Home Delivery

This option allows you to deliver the order where the customer and tell us in the time zone selected in all the towns in the area of ​​Group Fructusweb SL
If there are any unforeseen event in the delivery of the order we will contact via / the no. / S phone we ask for that purpose, to find a solution.
Delivery schedules
Fructusweb Group Ltd., assumes no responsibility for the late delivery of orders when the delay is not attributable directly or by force majeure under the terms and conditions provided in these general conditions of purchase
Depending on the area where you live, on delivery and deadlines for ordering are:
Taking into account the time zone proposal, once the customer has registered as a user / a, this will specify the time zone of receipt of order at home, within the predefined schedules. Also, if for some reason the client can not accommodate the schedules arranged, the customer should notify Fructusweb Group SL to find a solution to your problem sufficiently rated cable.
If the customer does not notify Fructusweb Group SL and delivery is made without being this recepcionada by the client, Fructusweb Group reserves the right to enforce the payment of 6 € for 2 nd cause of delivery. In the case of having to make two or more installments, would be charged € 6 per delivery made.
In some cases and by the time it may happen that Fructusweb Group SL can not reach his home. In this case, we will inform the customer and deliver the order to propose external messaging service Fructusweb Group SL

Service charges

 The VAT is already included in the price of the web.
 The cost of delivering the order to address consumption varies done.
 If you have to do delivery outside the scope of Group Fructusweb SL, will be charged € 4.80 / order up to 30 € / order by type of service contracted, to be added to the final price the customer order service of external transport agency Fructusweb Group SL
 When asked to pick the Fructusweb Group SL, no transport costs.
Documentary confirmation of the contract by.

Fructusweb Group SL, refer the customer, once expressly accepted these terms and conditions of purchase, proof of the contract by which also serves as an invoice and / or delivery note.

The proof of the hiring will be filed in the system Fructusweb Group, SL, and, if so requested by the client, you will be sent an additional copy as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The contract language is Catalan.

2008-2017 Group Fructusweb SL, 
 All rights reserved. "


Guarantees of quality

We follow the highest standards of safety and quality to the customer in the development of our orders daily.For this reason, we are protected by the Catalan Food Safety Agency for the advice of all our processes in order to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance. We granted the approval number of RS 40.30936 / B which guarantees all our processes.

Similarly, our ORGANIC products are certified under the covers of the CCPAE, whose no. Operator is: CT 002891

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