Category: Organic
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Spaghetti with Garlic and Parsley Castagno 2,65€
Naturfrisk Ginger Ale ECO 1,75€
Olive Oil ECO la Fullola 0.5l 9,00€
Olive Oil Romanico ECO 0.5l 5,65€
Olive Oil Romanico ECO 5l 34,50€
Swiss Chard ECO 1,90€
Chicory ECO 3,95€
Garlick black ECO 6,75€
Garlic ECO 1,96€
Ground basil ECO 2,15€
Artichoke Prat ECO 2,93€
Artichokes organic Ékolo 5,55€
Seaweed Agar-agar ECO 4,60€
Seaweed Kombu ECO 3,75€
Seaweed Wakame ECO 4,55€
Aniseed, chamomile and licorice ECO 5,45€
Celery ECO 2,45€
Cranberry ECO 4,50€
Blueberries Organic 4,20€
Rice Organic 1,60€
Brown rice Organic 1,93€
Unrefined cane sugar 5,40€
Azukis ECO 2,60€
Goji berries ECO 6,20€
Oat Drink Oatly Xocolate Organic 1L. 2,85€
Organic Almond Drink 2,65€
Organic Almond Drink Pack 4u 10,20€
Bebida de arroz BIO Monsoy 1l 2,30€
Bebida de arroz BIO Monsoy 1l Pack 4u 8,60€
Organic Rice drink with hazelnuts Monsoy 2,65€
Organic Rice drink with hazelnuts Monsoy - 4 units 10,20€
Biocalcium Oat Drink Monsoy 1l 2,45€
Biocalcium Oat Drink Monsoy 1l Pack 4u 9,40€
Organic Oat Drink Monsoy 1l 2,20€
Organic Oat Drink Monsoy 1l Pack 4u 8,00€
Organic Soy Drink Monsoy 1l 1,80€
Organic Soy Drink Monsoy 1l Pack 4U 6,80€
Eggplant ORG 2,73€
BioPillows of black chocolate ECO 4,75€
BioPillows of chocolate and hazelnuts ECO 4,95€
Sweet potatoes Organic 1,73€
Broccoli ECO 1,85€
Alfalfa Sprouts with water cress ECO 2,05€
Alfalfa Sprouts ECO 1,80€
Broculi Sprouts ECO 2,90€
Onion Sprouts ECO 3,20€
Caul Lombarda Sprout ECO 2,90€
Lentils Sprouts ECO 1,90€
Cap de llom ECO 5,15€
Instant Cocoa ECO 3,95€
Pure unsweetened cocoa ECO 4,10€
Box Peeled Tomatoes Organic 6u 9,60€
Zucchini ORGANIC 1,98€
Pumpkin ECO 1,18€
ECO Chicken Broth 3,35€
Cinnamon stick ECO 2,40€
Cinnamon ECO 2,40€
Cava Instint ECO 8,90€
Cava Instint Red ECO 8,90€
Cava Ona Marques ECO 10,90€
Cava Somni d'Aran brut nature reserve ECO 10,90€
Purple Sweet Onion Eco 1,13€
Onion reca eco 1,13€
Spring Onions ECO 2,15€
Riedenburger Dinkel alcohol-free 2,15€
Ecological family box 45,00€
Ecological single box 28,00€
Ecological couple box 32,00€
Km0 family box 37,00€
Km0 single box 22,00€
Km0 couple box 26,00€
Parsnip ECO 0,95€
Chocolate 100& cocoa ECO 2,90€
Chocolate breakfast 2,85€
Milk chocolate Organic 2,05€
Milk chocolate and nuts Organic 2,55€
Chocolate 73% Cocoa Extra black Mascao ECO 2,25€
56% Black chocolate Organic 1,95€
73% Black chocolate Organic 2,25€
Black chocalte 73% with agave 2,35€
86% black chocolate Organic 2,10€
Black chocolate almonds Organic 3,20€
Black chocolate with cinnamon Organic 2,10€
Black chocolate with ginger Solé ECO 2,20€
Black with orange chocolate Organic 2,10€
Chocolate desserts easy to melt ECO 3,90€
ECO cured "Chorizo" 4,55€
Pork chop ECO 6,95€
Clove ECO Finca la Mesa 2,45€
Buds KM0 ECO 0,85€
Caul ECO 2,35€
Kale ECO 2,50€
Red cabbage ECO 2,95€
Cauliflower ECO 3,35€
Cumin ECO Finca la Mesa 2,55€
Compota de Manzana ORGANIC 2,25€
Apple Compote Ekolo ECO 2,30€
Concentrate Agave Organic 'Cal Valls' 5,65€
Oatmeal Fine ORG 1,90€
Croissants ORGANIC 1,60€
Chopped pork rib ECO 5,75€
Fir cream ECO 7,95€
Oatmeal cream for cook Oatly ECO 1,75€
Turmeric ECO 4,97€
Turmeric ECO 3,15€
Cuscus Organic 2,55€
Cuscus integral organic 2,55€
Endive ECO 2,04€
Spaguetti ECO 1,60€
Espaguettis amb Alfàbrega ECO 2,65€
BIO White Asparagus Ékolo 6,95€
Asparagus ECO 6,45€
BIO Asparagus Ékolo 6,35€
Fresh Spinachs ECO 2,25€
Spirals ECO 1,60€
Spirals Integrals BIO 1,60€
Spirals half integrals ECO 1,79€
Beetroot with basil and tricolor Spirals ECO 2,65€
Stars ORGANIC 1,60€
noddles 4 ORGANIC 1,70€
noddles ORGANIC 1,60€
Tenderloin Pork ECO 9,45€
Raspberry ECO 4,25€
Strawberry ECO 4,38€
ECO freeze-dried berries 5,90€
Fuet Extra eco 4,55€
Batter BIO 1,60€
Cookie spelled Maria ECO 2,45€
Maria biscuit and chocolate spelled ECO 2,75€
Chickpea ORGANIC 1,95€
Chickpeas eco 2,40€
Chickpeas Organic big 2,90€
Candy animals ECO 2,50€
Candy cola ECO 2,50€
Candy Vitamin ECO 2,50€
Candy Fruit sticks ECO 2,50€
BIO natural Peas Ékolo 2,75€
Lima beans ECO 2,40€
Fennel Sweet ECO 2,20€
Fennel, camomile and stevia Josenea ECO 5,45€
Horxata ECO Monsoy 2,90€
Horxata ECO Monsoy 4u 11,20€
Ponchito ECO 1,20€
Eggs Organic (1 / 2 TWELFTH) 2,15€
Eggs Organic Galliner de la Torrassa (1 / 2 TWELFTH) 2,45€
Ginger candied ECO 3,95€
Ginger Organic 200gr 1,25€
Ginger ECO 3,15€
Beans White Cooked ECO (big) 3,00€
Beans White Cooked ECO 1,95€
Ketchup Cal Valls ECO 2,75€
Kiwi Bio 2,23€
Laurel 1,00€
Milk ECO La Selvatana 1,75€
Batavia Lettuce Organic 2,05€
Lentils cooked Organic 2,10€
Lentils Organic (720gr.) 3,30€
Lemon ORG 0,94€
Lemond 2,40€
Lomo fileteado ECO 7,45€
Macarroni 100% whole rye 2,65€
Macaroni BIO 1,60€
100% spelt integral Macaroni 2,85€
ECO-wheat macaroni Castagno 1,80€
Macaroni half integrale ECO 1,79€
Macaroni tricolor Castagno ECO 2,65€
Macarroni buckwheat Organic 2,65€
Maitake ECO 4,25€
Sweet Corn BIO Ékolo 2,75€
Mandarin Organic 1,93€
Apple Golden Organic 1,78€
Apple Royal Gala ECO 1,98€
Marciani amb Fines Herbes ORGANIC 2,65€
Marciani ECO 1,60€
Mayonnaise BIO 3,29€
lemon balm, linden and cinnamon Josenea ECO 5,45€
lemon balm, linden and verbena ECO 5,45€
Peach Marmalade 3,95€
Pennyroyal Josenea ECO 5,45€
Organic energy mix fruits 4,65€
Mill ECO 1,95€
Krunchy Chocolat ORG 3,45€
Avene Pure Krunchy ECO 3,10€
Crunchy muesli flakes 6,85€
Musli and hazelnut chocolate Krunchy Organic 3,95€
Muesli Krunchy Organic Apple-Cinnamon. 4,60€
Pure Bio Muesli Spelt Krunchy 3,10€
ECO Oranges 0,95€
Orange Juice ECO 1,45€
ECO Arbequina olives 200g 1,80€
Oregano "Finca la Mesa" 12g Organic 2,15€
Bacon ECO 4,25€
Panel 1kg fair trade ECO 4,15€
Papayo ECO 7,20€
Pills of both Biocop Organic 1,60€
Rapunzel pills herbal broth Organic 2,25€
Rapunzel pills broth Organic 2,25€
Potato Blanca Organic 1,75€
Cucumber ECO 1,21€
Pera Organic 2,13€
Red paprika Demeter 2,75€
Chili Red paprika Organic 3,45€
Pepper Black Beans ECO 2,65€
Pebrot Piquillo Extra sencer ECO 4,45€
Pepper red ORGANIC 2,48€
Pepper Green 'Lamuyo' Organic 2,33€
Pineapple BIO 3,55€
Banana Canary Bio 0,50€
Polvorones ECO 5,24€
Grapefruit Organic 1,38€
Leeks KM0 ORG 4,95€
Tomato Puree Organic 1,80€
Cheese "quesu" ECO La Selvatana 4,45€
Quinoa ECO 1,75€
Beet Organic 2,10€
Rosmarinus ECO 2,15€
Rooibos and orange Josenea ECO 5,45€
Soy Sauce Tamari BIO 500ml 8,45€
ECO Pumpkin Seeds 250g 3,90€
Chia seeds ECO 4,25€
Organic golden flax seed. 1,75€
Seed brown flax Organic 1,60€
Seeds ORGANIC 1,60€
Sesame crude Organic 3,80€
Sesame Black ECO 2,85€
Shiitake km0 ECO 3,65€
Sofrito de Tomato ORG Box 6u 11,40€
Sofrito de Tomato ORG 2,10€
Green soybeans ECO 2,95€
Letters Soup ORGANIC 1,60€
Tahin ECO 4,45€
Tahin White, Rapunzel sesame cream 250g ECO 5,05€
Tallarinas half integrals ECO 1,79€
Nodles ECO 1,60€
White Tea 'Pai Mu Tan' Organic 3,50€
Black Tea 'Darjeeling' Organic 4,65€
GreenTea 'gunpowder' Organic 3,50€
GreenTea 'Sencha Japan' Organic 3,90€
Mint Green Tea Josenea ECO 5,45€
Jasmine Green Tea ECO 4,90€
Mint Green Tea ECO 4,30€
Tomato Salad Organic 0,81€
Tomato BIO 1,88€
Peeled Tomatoes Organic 1,80€
Peeled Tomatoes Organic 660gr 2,40€
ECO crushed tomatoes 670gr 1,85€
Thyme ECO 2,25€
Tonic Naturfrisk ECO 1,75€
Rice cakes with black chocolate 60% ​​of ECO 2,25€
Rice cakes flavored yogurt Organic 2,35€
Corn cakes with black chocolate ECO 2,25€
Torró de Alacant 200g ECO 5,75€
Torró de Crocant 200g ECO 5,75€
Torró de Xixona 200g ECO 5,75€
Balsamic vinegar apple eco 4,35€
Apple vinegar ECO 3,95€
Wine White BIO Coma Romà 5,90€
Wine Cepell blanc 2015 ECO 5,95€
Wine Cepell black 2015 ECO 6,20€
Wine Instint Merlot ECO 6,90€
Wine Red ORG Coma Romà 6,90€
Finca Fontanals 2008 Red Wine* 16,00€
Wine Rose BIO Coma Romà 6,20€
Wine Rose BIO Coma Romà Box 6u 30,00€
Wine Xarel·lo ORG Coma Romà 11,40€
Yogurt Biogust 500g ECO La Selvatana 3,10€
Yogurt Biogust pack de 2 ECO La Selvatana 2,05€
Pastanaga ECO 1,05€
Cranberry juice 750ml BIO Ékolo 10,45€
Pomegranate juice Ékolo BIO 750ml 6,25€
Juice apple BIO box 6u ÉKOLO 13,80€
Juice apple BIO ÉKOLO 2,55€
Juice apple and kiwi BIO Ékolo 2,55€
Juice Orange BIO Ékolo 750ml 2,90€
Juice pear BIO Ékolo 2,45€
Juice apple with lemon BIO Ékolo 750ml 2,55€
Tangerine Juice 750ml Bio Ékolo 2,90€
Tangerine Juice 750ml Bio Box 6u Ékolo 15,60€
Apple Juice ECO 1L 2,90€


Guarantees of quality

We follow the highest standards of safety and quality to the customer in the development of our orders daily.For this reason, we are protected by the Catalan Food Safety Agency for the advice of all our processes in order to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance. We granted the approval number of RS 40.30936 / B which guarantees all our processes.

Similarly, our ORGANIC products are certified under the covers of the CCPAE, whose no. Operator is: CT 002891

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