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Oil Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive 2l DO Siurana 11,25€
Oil Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive 5l DO Siurana 26,50€
Olive Oil Romanico ECO 0.5l 5,65€
Water Mineral 'Boí' 0,33l. 0,35€
Water Mineral 'Boí' 5L. 1,95€
Water Mineral 'Boí'Box 30u 0,33l. 8,40€
Water Mineral 'Boí' Pack 6u. * 3,85€
Garlick black of Pedroñeras 6,45€
Garlick black ECO 6,75€
Basil 1,80€
Organic Rice drink with hazelnuts Monsoy 2,65€
Organic Rice drink with hazelnuts Monsoy - 4 units 10,20€
Watercress 100gr 1,45€
Detox Organic Vegetable Broth 3,90€
Diuretic Organic Vegetable Broth 3,90€
Cinnamon stick ECO 2,40€
Cannelloni fadaic 1,90€
Brut Nature Cava (Gran Reserva - 6 units) C&M 66,00€
Riedenburger Dinkel alcohol-free 2,15€
Parsnip 0,45€
Parsnip ECO 1,05€
Chocolate breakfast 2,85€
Chocolate with mint ECO 2,35€
Croissants ORGANIC 1,60€
Oatmeal cream for cook Oatly ECO 1,70€
Pumpkin Cream "es im-perfect" 3,50€
Topinambour Cream 4,25€
Ecological Green Pees Cream with Mint 4,75€
Sweet fruit 2,48€
The taste of the land 49,90€
Asparagus 4,25€
Spirals half integrals ECO 1,79€
Beetroot with basil and tricolor Spirals ECO 2,65€
noddles ORGANIC 1,60€
Raspberry 3,50€
Cookie spelled Maria ECO 2,45€
Maria biscuit and chocolate spelled ECO 2,55€
Mushrooms Girgoles 250 gr. 1,85€
Currant 8,20€
Mint 1,00€
Herbs for Broth 1,90€
EGG FARMER (1 / 2 TWELFTH) 1,60€
Infuser Sun Moon Stars 5,85€
Ginger Organic 200gr 1,25€
Beans Perona EXTRA 1,49€
Bean Dry Ganxet 1,88€
Beans White Cooked ECO 1,95€
Ketchup Cal Valls ECO 2,75€
Liquor Cava 15,30€
Lima (3 unid.) 1,35€
Macaroni half integrale ECO 1,79€
Mandarin 0,88€
Mango Kent Flate Air 6,90€
Apple 'Granny Smith' Acid 1,05€
Apple 'Granny Smith' Acid ECO 1,23€
Apple Golden 0,85€
Mayonnaise BIO 3,29€
Onion Jam "es im-perfect" 3,80€
Cherries Marmalade 3,95€
Marmalade Strawberry 3,95€
Marmalade Strawberry with Mistela 3,95€
Pear Jam "es im-perfect" 3,80€
Marmalade Priorat Wine Pears 3,95€
Red Pepper Jam "es im-perfect" 3,80€
Can Toni Honey of the Pyrenees 0,5kg 5,20€
Honey Can Toni Romero 980g 7,90€
Can Toni's Eucaliptus Honey 980g 8,50€
Can Toni's Eucaliptus Honey 500g 5,60€
Can Toni's Thousand Flowers Honey 980g 8,20€
Can Toni's Thousand Flowers Honey 0,5kg 5,20€
Can Toni's Orange Honey 500g 5,60€
Can Toni's Thyme Honey 980g 8,50€
Can Toni's Thyme Honey 500g 5,60€
Chanterelles 5,50€
Walnut peeled 150gr 3,65€
Little white potato 0,95€
Petals Salt "Fossil River" 3,50€
Pineapple Monte 6,95€
Pine Nuts (80gr) 4,72€
Banana Canary Bio 0,50€
Leeks 0,65€
Black Himalayan salt "Fossil River" 3,45€
Pink Himalayan salt "Fossil River" 3,45€
Maldon Salt 250gr. 4,50€
Salt shaker petals Salt "Fossil River" 5,90€
Shiitake (250gr.) 2,45€
Sofrito de Tomato ORG Box 6u 11,40€
Sofrito de Tomato ORG 2,10€
Organic Tomato Soup with a breeze Basil 4,75€
Tallarinas half integrals ECO 1,79€
Te matcha 14,95€
Red Tea Pu Erh Fruits & Flowers Organic 4,95€
Cherry Pear Tomato 1,86€
Tomato String 4,45€
Tomato Salad Extra 0,56€
Tonic Naturfrisk ECO 1,75€
Rice cakes with black chocolate 60% ​​of ECO 2,25€
Rice cakes flavored yogurt Organic 2,35€
Almond Nougat ECO 5,15€
Turron de Alicante ecological Massa Xuxes 200g (Medium) 6,90€
Turron de Alicante ecological Massa Xuxes 500g (big) 13,50€
Turron Jijona organic Massa Xuxes 500g (Big) 14,25€
Grape Italy 1,23€
Grape Italy ECO 1,98€
Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP 3,45€
Balsamic vinegar apple eco 4,35€
Topinambour Vinaigrette 5,90€
Pastanaga ECO 0,80€
Carrots 0,25€
Lemon Juice Organic 1L 2,90€


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We follow the highest standards of safety and quality to the customer in the development of our orders daily.For this reason, we are protected by the Catalan Food Safety Agency for the advice of all our processes in order to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance. We granted the approval number of RS 40.30936 / B which guarantees all our processes.

Similarly, our ORGANIC products are certified under the covers of the CCPAE, whose no. Operator is: CT 002891

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