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The papaya is good for your defenses. This variety of papaya, which is characterized by a larger and more plump texture and flavor. May be taken raw, in juice, in salads or cooked with fish, seafood and meat .

Fruit is like a rugby ball with dark green skin and, when ripe, turns yellow. The flesh is juicy and compact in texture similar to that of melon and orange-yellow, with an inner cavity where some seeds are black and round.

Family: Tropical Fruit

Family Science: Caricàcia

Nutritional value: 20 calories per 100 grams

Grams per serving: 150 to 200 grams

Features / benefits: Contains essential minerals (potassium, calcium, low sodium), vitamins (A, B, C and D) and is rich in dietary fiber. But above all known for their vitamin C: has 10 times more than oranges and 5 more than a kiwi, so that will help you strengthen your immune system, somewhat battered by the effort involved in pregnancy and the cold autumn or winter (depending on the time is). Furthermore, this vitamin along with beta-carotene or provitamin A are two potent antioxidants against free radicals, which help the body to nature to defend themselves against the harmful effects of sun, pollution. This fruit has the ability to break down proteins, which accelerates the process tract. The papaya is a diuretic and acts favorably on the regulation of intestinal disorders, especially in infant feeding. papaya juice is a popular remedy against tonsillitis in children.

Carpaina: It is an alkaloid that improves blood circulation and is very beneficial beneficial in cases of heart failure and tachycardia crisis. Keep in mind that in pregnancy, heart and entire circulatory system is an extra work to increase the volume blood. The papayón can help them cope with this situation.

Papain: This is an enzyme that digests proteins and act like a real fat burning. Papain which helps to digest the meat and heavy foods, improving digestion, which is now in your state is very slowed down by the effect of hormones and uterine pressure on the digestive system.

Season: All year (various sources)

Production areas: The papaya is one of the most important fruit of the tropics, cultivated throughout Central America, North America (California and Florida), South Africa, Asia (China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Ceylon and Philippines) and several Pacific islands (like Hawaii). In the Mediterranean area, the crop is not widespread (Spain, Italy, Israel, etc.)..

Plant Name: Papaya

Curiosities: The papaya is a species from Central America, probably from the Gulf of Mexico and the Antilles.

Preparation and consumption: The papaya can be eaten in different ways: as fresh fruit in salads, sliced ripe with sugar and sliced lemon, and also as jelly to boil water and sugar, with sliced green and peeled. The seeds in the center of this fruit can be easily removed with a spoon when eating. Once peeled and cut into pieces can intensify their flavor over putting a little lemon juice.


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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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