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Baix Llobregat

Bunch of cool and refreshing mint. Vale everything, but particularly suitable to combine with beans grown. Weight approx.: 120 gr

The mint may reach 40 cm in height. It is about runs and branched stems, branches without flowers at the apex. The leaves are large, long and wide, lanceolate, flat, serrated blade. The inflorescences are formed by small pseudoverticilis . The calyx is hairy and flared.

Family: Aromatic herb

Family Science: Labiad

Season: All year round (outdoors)

Plant Name: Mint

Curiosities: The Mint is native to East and we came through North Africa. Its name comes from the nymph Minta, which say they are transformed into the plant.

Preparation and consumption: The mint is used especially for sauces and jams, and the preparation of sweets. It also goes well with cooked vegetables such as potatoes. And does a good job raw in salads and juices. The dried leaves are added to mixtures and in the form of tea tastes great and aids digestion.


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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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