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They are rich in Vitamin C and are low in calories. You can make them with orange, cream, sugar, yogurt, etc.. ..

Fruit small grain leather bright red. The flesh is strongly flavored. The diameter of the equatorial section is about 20 mm. Within the category of strawberries are the strawberry, which is larger but has less flavor intensity and aroma.

Family: Small Fruit

Scientific Family: Rosaceae

Varieties: Camarosa, Douglas, Bird, Terrine, Tioga

Nutritional value: 40 calories per 100 grams

Grams per serving: 150 to 200 grams

Features / Benefits: The remarkable properties of the drill due to its richness in vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, copper) and other important trace elements. This fruit also contains organic acids (citric acid in particular). The strawberries are nutritious, refreshing, diuretic, cleansing and laxative. They are also tonic, remineralizing, antiarthritic and fever reducers.

Season: December to June (outdoor)

Production areas: The main strawberry producing countries are the United States, Poland, Spain (Huelva, Valencia, Barcelona, Malaga, Pontevedra, La Coruña, Salamanca, Baleares, Girona), Japan, Italy, Russia and France.

Plant Name: Fresonera

Trivia: Various species of wild strawberries were cultivated since ancient times by different civilizations throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Preparation and consumption: It is generally consumed fresh orange salad alone and, fragments accompanying ice cream, cream, cakes, mixed with milk in the form of shakes, in a fruit salad with other fruits. They are also used in the form of syrups, jams jams and heavily laced with sugar.


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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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