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Fruit essential to have in every kitchen. Appeal useful for different foods

Fruit elongated, amugronada. Has a tough skin and strong shades of yellow or green, which protects the pulp. This is yellow and is divided into segments (3 to 19) filled with orange juice too acidic. You may have some seed .

Family: Citrus

Scientific Family: Rutaceae

Varieties: Eureka, Lisbon, Primafiori, Verna

Nutritional value: 39 calories per 100 grams

Grams per serving: 150 to 200 grams

Features / Benefits: The lemon contains 20% of acid salts and 80% of alkaline. It is also a wonderful source of vitamins, especially C, found especially in the pulp. This fruit increases the secretion of gastric juices , burning a lot of fat, waste and adiposity destroys, it oxidizes the stones and grit, helps eliminate toxins from the blood and is a very good healing and coagulation. It is also an excellent refresher for people who have arthritis , arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, obesity and infectious diseases. It is also used as toothpaste and gargle. also softens the skin and tones the scalp. Lemon is a fruit that has more medicinal applications, used in cases of throat infections, insect bites and diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypocholesterolemia, and arthritis.

Season: All year round (outdoors)

Production areas: Today is the most cultivated citrus, being planted by the five continents. The major producers are USA, Italy, Spain (Murcia, Alicante, Malaga, Almeria, Sevilla, Valencia), Argentina, Mexico and India .

Plant Name: Lemon tree

Trivia: It is believed that the lemon originated in southern Asia (India and Pakistan). The Arabs took him to Spain and from there it spread throughout the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages, through the New World Columbus hand .

Preparation and consumption: Lemons are rarely fresh food for excessive acidity, but there are people who either consumed as a fruit, and its juice which is used as a condiment in thousands of food and beverage processing, soft drinks and smoothies. Also, your skin has many applications in the kitchen, especially in cakes and pastries. Lemon can be consumed at all hours, except those digestive tract disease. The lemonade, prepared from a lemon, 125 g of sugar ( or a spoonful of honey) and water is an excellent refreshing drink, while providing a lot of vitamins.


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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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