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New harvest lettuce, sweet and dark. It is very tasty. Espiga easily, so we must avoid planting for the summer. Vegetable consists of leaves, usually green, of different shapes and sizes, depending on variety. Family: Leaf vegetables Family Science: Compositàcia Varieties: Baby (Bambi, Cogollo of Tudela, Little Gem), Cogollo (El Toro, Iceberg, Saladin, Santa Barbara), leafy greens (Kendo, Lollo Rossa), Imperiale, Justine, Wonder (Batavia, Mediterranean, Nadiuska) Romans (Greentowers, Mule Ear), Trocadero, Venere. Nutritional value: 18 calories per 100 grams Recommended grams per day: 250 grams (1 plate) Features / Benefits: For your vitamin and mineral wealth, lettuce helps the growth of children. Thanks to some of the trace elements (iron, zinc, copper) effectively combat anemia blood mineral depletion. Lettuce and stimulates appetite a natural remedy for the digestive system. So, calm the heat of the stomach, invigorating and revitalizing the body. The juice of lettuce has sedative effects of the nervous system. For this reason, it is natural and provides a hypnotic calm and quiet sleep the nervous and those who suffer anxiety and insomnia. Season: All year round (outdoors)


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We follow the highest standards of safety and quality to the customer in the development of our orders daily.For this reason, we are protected by the Catalan Food Safety Agency for the advice of all our processes in order to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance. We granted the approval number of RS 40.30936 / B which guarantees all our processes.

Similarly, our ORGANIC products are certified under the covers of the CCPAE, whose no. Operator is: CT 002891

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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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