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Special for coated with breadcrumbs, grilled and sauteed. It is the mushroom that more properties are known. Source: Rioja. Tray 150gr.

The shiitake mushroom is a traditional food in China and Japan and is very appreciated for its delicate flavor as preventive and medicinal properties.

The shiitake mushroom is formed by a filamentous fungus that feeds on the wood of various trees such as oak, beech, chestnut and alder.

Family: Seta.

Trivia: shiitake mushrooms have been used since antiquity for its medicinal properties and therefore have been recent studies that have allowed to isolate different active ingredients. Highlights include the "Lentinan", which has shown a clear anti-cancer action, or "Eritadenina" , which lowers blood cholesterol levels. were also identified compounds with antiviral activity.

Preparation and consumption: its flavor and soft texture are delicious if prepared sauteed over high heat with a little oil and enough salt. Must be obtained outside cooking them without ever burning, for which we have to cash them and stirring continuously, with less than five minutes, will be ready. They can also be grilled, grilled, or stews. Can be made omelets or scrambled egg and some ham, or can be mixed with spaghetti and some garlic.


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