Eggs Organic (1 / 2 TWELFTH)

Points: 3

Organic eggs served in egg cups half-dozen eggs.

Family: Egg

Nutritional value: The egg yolk (or yolk), has a deep yellow color and is composed of one: 51% water. 16.5% protein (ovovitel-lina, phosvitin, lipoproteins). 30% lipids (triglycerides , lecithin, cholesterol, carotenoids). 0.5% carbohydrate. 0.5 to 2% minerals (calcium phosphates, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, chloride, sulfur) and vitamin A and D. However, there some controversy about their cholesterol content, which is high, and if this can produce hipercolesterinemia in whom ingested. It is a subject that is clearly not settled, like many others in nutrition. The traditional take no more than two eggs a day nor more than ten a week, is still valid.

Grams per serving: 3-4 servings of eggs per week (a serving of eggs is equivalent to about 100-125 g shell and net weight, edible portion, would be two eggs of medium size, 53-63 grams).

Features / Benefits: Eggs are a cheap source of protein, and in almost all preparations are easily digestible. The egg white is rich in the protein albumin. The most used by far are the chicken, followed by duck and goose, and quail eggs are very small, as well as exquisite cuisine or for children. also eaten ostrich eggs can weigh 1.3 kg.

Chicken eggs may have different colors, the most common are white and blond (or brown) that are actually light brown. Depending on the region tend to prefer one or the other. Although white is associated with to better hygiene and brown to be more natural, are actually equal.

Curiosities: A half chicken egg consists of: A 58% clear. 31% of yolk. A 11% peel. Do not use eggs in the shell remains suspicious if you want to take raw. Clean with a cloth eggs before using it. Take care to remove all traces of shell eggs once open. The egg cell is the largest known. The ostrich egg is, therefore, the largest cell on Earth. Because, in fact, an egg with the reserve substances to nourish the future embryo.


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Similarly, our ORGANIC products are certified under the covers of the CCPAE, whose no. Operator is: CT 002891

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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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