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The chard is rich in iron and vitamin A, that regulating the functions of the stomach and large intestine, combat constipation.Bunches of about 400gr or 600gr

Vegetable leaves with thick, shiny and wavy green stem and well marked with white veins.

It is a biennial grown as an annual herbaceous plant with large leaves, bright green and ribbed.

It is a variety of Beta vulgaris, like beet or red beets, sugar beet and fodder beet. Stems (called penques) are white, yellow or red, depending on the variety.

Can I eat the whole plant, including leaves and penques if collected when they are small (less than 20 cm), but if left to grow better is rejected because it tends to ruin Penca. It is cooked like spinach, which is relative. very tender plants can be eaten raw in salads.

It is a vegetable much appreciated as vitamins, fiber, folic acid and minerals with high water content (48%). The outer leaves, which are usually the most green, are those that contain more amount of vitamins and carotenes .

The most popular varieties are:

  • Geneva, King Winter or Lucullus, with wrinkled leaves and white penques.
  • Ruby, Burgundy, Rainbow, with thick reddish penques.

Family: leafy vegetables

Scientific Family: Chenopodiaceae

Varieties: Green Chard, Yellow Lyon

Nutritional value: 33 calories per 100 grams

Grams per serving: 250 grams

Properties / Benefits: The chard is rich in iron and vitamin A, and regulating the functions of the stomach and large intestine, combat constipation and hemorrhoids, and has healing effects on internal and external inflammations and diseases the skin. It is also rich in fiber and minerals and used in very slimming regimes.

Seasonality: All year round (outdoors)

Production Regions: In Spain, the main production areas are Murcia, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid, Cadiz, Zaragoza.

Tree Name: Chard

Curiosities: The chard is native to coastal areas of Europe. The Arabs were the ones who started growing her about 600 BC.

Preparation and use: simply boiled or steamed, alone or with potatoes and seasoned with good olive oil, chard is a healthy dish, excellent in all respects and economic. They can also drowning, once cooked with onion, garlic and parsley, all finely chopped, adding a thick tomato sauce and let set a little fire.


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Remember that you eat raw fruits and vegetables must be washed with drinking water before consuming it.

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